Syntagmatics is a page dedicated to guide the new entrepreneurs of writing, a basic guide to understand the world of grammar and its implications in a text, whether narrative, technical, commercial or just opinion pieces.

Having knowledge of grammar helps the human to make an effective written communication, where the message provides clear indications and can avoid turning many instructions in a workplace. Grammar has many elements for writing to be considered professional. Syntax is a fundamental part of written communication, for this, it is necessary to have knowledge about connectors, proper use of punctuation marks and, last but not least, to know the correct way to write each word; Whether present, past or future.


The Spanish language is a very extensive and rich language, both in its structure and its culture. Local idioms and expressions should be left aside to use a neutral language where the public, regardless of where they are, should not use dictionaries to disambiguate a term and be able to understand a text.
To get into professional writing it is recommended to have a sense of syntax development so that the reader does not have to read a paragraph two and three times to understand the idea that the writer wants to convey.

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There are many writing workshops, each of which, according to the editor's inclinations, can learn different forms of writing, among them: Creative writing, writing specialized reports, writing essays, writing essays, writing essays and Other terms used in the field of professional writing. Read More>>

These types of workshops

These types of workshops provide interesting tips, for example, how to approach a story and keep the reader interested to the end or simply give the tools necessary to create a structure with the right elements that an article or report should carry. Read More>>

The signifier

Is a mental representation of the sounds that make a sign. What we see when we talk to ourselves mentally. The meaning is the mental representation of reality, the interpretation of the concept. The signs do not appear in isolation, but in relation. Saussure proposed two types: Read More>>
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It is between two signs that are co-present in the speech. Paradigm: is established between the signs are present and those absent. The phrase is a group of words that occur together. For example, prayer there just before the previous point. The relationships established between a word and those in his phrase called syntagmatic relations. The paradigm is the set consisting of a word and all that can appear in place in a given context. Relations between the words of a paradigm called paradigmatic relations.

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